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The Supporting Families in Bridgeton Project will see £145,000 invested into an extensive range of initiatives for the parents, carers and extended family members of the 135 children who make use of the Bridgeton Family Learning Centre, a facility which provides care for children aged 0-5 years of age.

The project is being funded by the Scottish Government and Clyde Gateway, with various strands being delivered by a range of partners including the Glasgow Marriot Hotel, Thenue Housing Association, Glasgow Life and Jobs & Business Glasgow.

Natalie Phillips, the Project Manager for Education, Business & Community Growth at Clyde Gateway, will have the responsibility of overseeing delivery over its 15-month duration to April 2019 which has the target of supporting at least 40 individuals into work or training. Natalie said: “The idea for this particular project emerged from a small pilot project we undertook last year with the Bridgeton Family Learning Centre.

“We quickly discovered that many of the parents, carers and the wider family members were desperate to do as much as they could to provide for the young children but in many instances were being hampered severely by problems that were linked to what were often personal challenging circumstances around health, well-being, education and poverty.

“Clyde Gateway made a successful bid of £120,000 to the Employability Innovation and Integration Fund that was set up by the Scottish Government last Autumn to which our own Board agreed to add a further contribution of £25,000. This will enable a range of different interventions, including the deployment of a specialist family support worker who will be on the ground to ensure that the different needs and requirements of the families are met.”

Natalie is excited and delighted by the involvement of other partners within the private and public sectors which she believes is key to the ultimate success of the new project.

“The fact that the Glasgow Marriot is coming on board with a customised training programme that will provide a huge hand into the ever-growing hotel and hospitality sector is proof that this programme is serious about its aims and determined to succeed.

“Not everyone, however, is at a stage where they could easily take part in such specialised training and their current needs are around issues such as confidence building, language and interpersonal skills, physical and mental wellbeing and the confidence to better manage family finances. The involvement of our public and voluntary sector partners will be very significant in addressing each of these and enabling them to move closer to being job-ready.”

Ian Manson, the Chief Executive of Clyde Gateway, believes that the programme will tackle what are a number of underlying and difficult problems that still face many residents in the Bridgeton area.

He said: “There is no question that much has changed for the better over the past ten years since Clyde Gateway came into existence, but the overwhelming evidence demonstrates there is still a huge amount of work needed, particularly to deliver on shared ambitions around social justice and inclusive growth.”

I really do think the Supporting Families in Bridgeton Project is a bold, imaginative and ambitious project which will, ultimately, help to pull dozens of families out of poverty. It is very much part of our strategy for the next decade in which we intend to overcome difficult and complex challenges and ensure that there is a constant and sustainable improvement across every strand of our communities across the east end and beyond.”

Published Date: 31st January 2018
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