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This is the place where Ryan learned his trade.


Ryan Houston, 31, from Calton is a joiner with City Building’s responsive repairs team. He began his 2-year adult apprenticeship in 2009 after six months of unemployment.


“After I left school, I had worked in double glazing for six years before I was made redundant through lack of work. I had been unemployed for about six months and was really looking for any type of work, so I registered with Clyde Gateway because I had heard they were good for training.


An apprenticeship really appealed to me. When I was younger I would have liked to have become a joiner, but then I got comfortable in the job I was in, and once I got past a certain age I thought it was too late. I had never heard of an adult apprenticeship before until I found out about this one through the Skill to Build training scheme that was run by Clyde Gateway.


At the beginning of the apprenticeship I did basic workshop modules, bench joinery, making doors, then moved on to things like kitchen and bathroom installations, repairs and maintenance and new build construction. I also attended the Queenslie training centre at various times throughout the two year apprenticeship. I am now fully qualified and employed in the repairs and maintenance team for City Building’s housing association clients.


The apprenticeship has had a really positive impact on my life, I have gained some great skills and experience that I never had before, and also gained my SVQ. And it doesn’t stop with joinery, there is the opportunity to go on and study for an HNC and then HND in construction management, surveying, that kind of thing. I would like to get a bit more experience a joiner first, but ideally I’d like to go into construction management. I really like the fact that I am always learning something new in my job.


If you’re thinking about an apprenticeship, I’d say definitely go for it – it is not an opportunity that comes along often, and the skills you learn will be with you for life, so you always be able to seek work. There are a lot of employers out there looking for these kind of skills.”