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At the very heart of our regeneration project is the Clyde Gateway staff who still have the same levels of energy and enthusiasm since we began 10 years ago. Below they personally describe how they think that we have made a positive impact to the area.

Ian Manson, Chief Executive

“Ten years ago, we were told that the most important priorities among residents were job creation, investment in physical improvements and community assets, a restoration of pride in the neighbourhoods and the offer of hope to everyone, particularly the younger generation. There is a growing belief that we are making substantial inroads in each of these and so now is the ideal time to get beyond the ‘bread and butter’ aspects of our work and assist with the efforts of those who are most responsible for the improvement of health and attainment.

The local communities are showing great faith and belief in Clyde Gateway which is every bit as important as any endorsement given to us by the First Minister. It is they who are saying we have to get more involved and to use the next ten years to tackle what, for many, have been deemed as intractable problems.

The good news for them, and indeed anyone with an interest in Clyde Gateway, is that we still have the same levels of energy as we had when we began and the entire team, board members and staff alike, have the same burning desire to bring about the changes. The first ten years have been quietly satisfying.

“Jim Clark, born in 1963 and raised in the east end of Glasgow, I have been with Clyde Gateway since the outset, coming here in 2008 to take on the role of Senior Manager (Communications and Governance).   I’ve long described it as my ideal job, allowing me to return to my roots and support the long-required regeneration of the local communities, offering my 30-plus years of public sector expertise and experience in PR, media and administration.

I don’t think anyone can doubt that Clyde Gateway has had a significant impact in changing how the area looks and feels which has been accompanied by a restoration of pride, confidence and self-belief among local residents.  It has been a regeneration effort in which the impact on people is every bit as important as the new bricks and mortar.

The one thing I am most proud of is that, from an initial position of scepticism and suspicion of our long-term aims and motives, the community is now incredibly supportive of Clyde Gateway to the extent that we are being asked by them to take on all sorts of new challenges, particularly around health and attainment inequalities.  It’s always satisfying when someone stops me in the street and tells me that we are doing a good job.”

“Michelle Barr, born and raised in Rutherglen. I applied for a Modern Apprenticeship in Business & Administration in Clyde Gateway at the age of 18 in 2010. As my role developed I took on more Finance based tasks and subsequently enrolled in a qualification with AAT (The Association of Accounting Technicians). I am now a fully qualified member of AAT and I am now studying to be a Chartered Accountant with ACCA (The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

Clyde Gateway has opened up job opportunities to me and some of my friends which would not have been available in its absence. The East End of Glasgow and Rutherglen has dramatically changed in the past 10 years and the area is unrecognisable. I personally think that Clyde Gateway has made the area a more desirable place to live and work in.”

“Mandy Watson, chartered surveyor specialising in commercial property general practice for over 14 years.  I have been working in the property team at Clyde Gateway for just over 2 years and have been focusing on acquisitions and disposals of land and property.  Clyde Gateway has made a massive difference to the east end of Glasgow which is clear to see in the new buildings and infrastructure around the area.  It is inspirational to see what has been achieved and how people’s lives have been improved. It’s nice to be part of it.”

“Natalie Phillips, an east end girl born and bred. I started work with Clyde Gateway in 2012 initially looking at community benefits in procurement and how we as a company linked opportunity and need across communities in Glasgow and South Lanarkshire. I have never known a community more empowered than here at Clyde Gateway awash with such a fantastic array of opportunities to help with education, health and employability.

Now leading on the education side of the business for the company, my remit covers early years, primary, secondary schools, further/higher education and in work support. One day I am in a nursery working with a family support worker on a parental engagement initiative and the next day I am working alongside major contractors and local colleges looking at the creation of qualifications for our secondary school pupils so their learning is accredited.

Clyde Gateway has passion, and instils in its team the opportunity to be creative in all our approaches as a company to improve outcomes which help to improve people’s lives. There’s no greater pleasure than seeing people achieve and receive the equity they deserve. I look at the children in the nurseries and schools and want to see them growing up to lead healthy lives accessing fantastic educational opportunities which assist them into fantastic employment opportunities.”

Published Date: 27th November 2018
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