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The extent of community trust in Clyde Gateway has grown with each passing year. Our community supports have been with us from the outset and below are their thoughts on our regeneration efforts so far.

“I’m Mary Alice McLellan and I live in the heart of the Bridgeton area. Along with my mum and dad, I got really interested in Clyde Gateway right at the start of things.  They have been a huge help in encouraging me to get more involved in being part of the changes that have been taking place and I was really pleased to be involved in the group which made sure the Olympia was brought back to life.

Clyde Gateway also brought Glasgow Women’s Library to the area, an organisation which has been so welcoming to local people.  I’m a volunteer at the Library and the people there have been such a help to me, improving my communication skills and building my confidence.  My life has changed so much for the better.”

“I’m Rosie Robertson, Manager of the Calton Heritage Learning Centre, and have been involved with Clyde Gateway from the very beginning.  I sit on the Board of Clyde Gateway as the community representative for Glasgow, a role which gives me a unique insight into the strategic side of the organisation as well as allowing me to add directly my own thoughts, views and opinions on all the programmes, projects and activities.

It’s been a hugely enjoyable ten years in which the extent of the changes, and the rate they have been delivered, have been amazing.  I’ve particularly enjoyed the fact that Clyde Gateway makes a real effort to engage with young people and provide them with support to allow them to realise their potential and ambitions.”

“John McGregor, ex steelworker and lifelong community activist in the Bridgton/Dalmarnock area. My first involvement with Clyde Gateway came from being interested in their proposals to improve the public realm at Bridgeton Cross where I was very pleasantly surprised to find they were prepared to listen to what myself and my neighbours had to say, instead of dictating down to us.  It’s an approach that hasn’t ever changed and that is why I’m more than happy to remain involved by  going along to every single event, not just to stay informed but to be able to put forward my own thoughts and views knowing well that they will be taken very seriously. 

Published Date: 25th November 2018
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