7 September, 2022

Bridgeton Umbrella | Preserving the Umbrella for Future Generations

Bridgeton Umbrella has been a focal point for the community since 1875 when it was gifted by the Sun Foundry to the City of Glasgow.


This Category A listed cast iron structure is of national importance which is unique in its design and construction.




Clyde Gateway now proposes to undertake the full restoration of the Umbrella.


Why are the works required?


The Umbrella is now nearly 150 years old and like other cast iron structures of its age it is showing lots of deterioration in the structure and paint treatment. To preserve the structure for future generations a full restoration under factory conditions and rebuild will mean the Umbrella can be preserved.


Limited refurbishment of the Umbrella was first carried out in 2010 by Clyde Gateway to address corrosion and return the Umbrella to its original colour. Unfortunately, in the years after the works were completed, the corrosion and the long term deterioration has become visible again. An expert in the conservation of many similar structures is working with Clyde Gateway and has recommended a treatment which will ensure the structure will be in good condition for many decades to come.



What is happening?


To protect the Umbrella from further deterioration and ensure its place within the heart of Bridgeton for future generations, it will be dismantled and temporarily removed from site and treated and repaired inside a specialist workshop, providing the best temperature and humidity conditions for the work. These works will be carried out by a specialist Glasgow company with extensive experience of working on cast iron structures under the supervision of an expert advisor.


When is it due to happen?


The works will commence later this year when the restoration contractor will erect hoarding around the Umbrella. It is expected that the works will take about six months to complete depending on the extent of repair works required, returning to its site in Bridgeton Cross next Summer.


Information Sessions


Clyde Gateway is holding a series of information sessions at Bridgeton Community Learning Campus and Bridgeton Library over the next few weeks. Please come along at any time during the sessions and meet the Clyde Gateway staff leading the refurbishment and see the detailed plans for the Umbrella. There will also be information about some of the other cast iron structures which have been improved elsewhere. The session on Wednesday 14th September will be attended by Clyde Gateway’s expert advisor.


Bridgeton Community Learning Campus

  • Wednesday 14th September 6pm to 8pm
  • Friday 16th September 12pm to 3pm
  • Monday 19th September 9.30am – 2pm


Bridgeton Library

  • Tuesday 13th September 1pm to 4pm
  • Tuesday 20th September 10am – 1pm
  • Thursday 22nd September 3pm to 7pm