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Work gets underway to create new yards for the Showpeople Community

clyde gateway

A newly renovated yard in the east end of Glasgow


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Community Relocations


One of the success stories in our initial years has been the Community Relocations Programme which has supported the relocation of a number of yards and sites owned or occupied in the Dalmarnock area by members of the showpeople community.


Our approach was to involve those most affected at every stage, initially through discussions with the Scottish Showmen’s Guild and then with each individual family and site owners. There was no single or fixed solution ever imposed on anyone with Clyde Gateway setting out to offer a number of alternative options at a number of different locations across the east end of Glasgow and South Lanarkshire.


The entire process began in 2007 with consultations and discussions and was completed in late 2016 by which time 67 families from across eleven yards in Dalmarnock had been accommodated within the programme.


The outcome has been highly satisfactory for all concerned; for the first ever time, many members of the showpeople community have obtained long-term security over their sites and have been able to relocate to what are very safe, secure and ideally-designed new yards that provide a best fit for both their domestic and business concerns while 12 hectares of land have been released for redevelopment by Clyde Gateway across the Dalmarnock area including the site now occupied by Police Scotland.


Dalmarnock remains a key location for the showpeople community with more than 100 families living on eleven remaining yards, primarily located adjacent to the railway station. Clyde Gateway has assisted such families by contributing to the costs of infrastructure and other improvements within these Dalmarnock yards.