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Our first major construction contract for public realm improvements at Rutherglen Station helped local residents into work or training thus setting the tone for all that has happened since

clyde gateway

More than 50 local people have been recruited by CCG since the opening of its new off-site manufacturing factory at Cambuslang in 2010


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Jobs & Training


There was one very clear and simple message from all of our earliest discussions and consultations – the biggest way that Clyde Gateway could make a difference was to help local residents take advantage of new jobs and training opportunities.


This quickly became our top priority with our first steps being to ensure all of the construction projects under our management and control contained community benefit clauses to deliver such opportunities.


From there we soon moved on to develop a range of partnerships with existing firms and companies that enabled us to target vacancies at local residents with particular success in manufacturing, sports & leisure and office work.


The incredible pace of change across Clyde Gateway quickly led to a number of firms and companies choosing to locate their businesses within new offices and factories being built within our communities; we wasted no time in contacting each of them offering to work with them in ways that would provide jobs and apprenticeships for people living locally and have been delighted with the responses.


By 31 March 2018, Clyde Gateway had brought over 5,500 jobs to the local area of which over a quarter had gone to local people