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Clyde Gateway’s programmes often work in a multitude of ways such as providing employment opportunities for local people while delivering environmental improvements to the communities they live in

clyde gateway

Jimmy McLellan, resident of Bridgeton


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Meeting Local Expectations


"Clyde Gateway have kept every single promise they made. The area looks better, it feels safer and best of all, they have helped so many people in different ways whether getting them into work or simply giving them a new sense of belief and self-confidence."


Jimmy McLellan, resident of Bridgeton


Clyde Gateway is transforming communities on a scale and at a level never seen before.


From the very outset we promised a whole new approach to regeneration that would always put local people at the heart of our ambitious plans. We have asked them to set the agenda and we have responded by


– delivering jobs and training to those who live here

– removing eyesores and tackling blight

– involving local schools in our work

– ensuring that the benefits are long-term and permanent


We have taken on all the challenges in a pragmatic and realistic way, determined not to repeat the mistakes of previous regeneration efforts that were still in the memories of local people. We haven’t over promised and we haven’t under delivered.