Physical Regeneration

D2 Grids

The 5GDHC concept uses lower temperature and lower grade heat to supply buildings which then use reversible heat pumps to boost the temperature to provide heating or lower the temperate to provide cooling. This system integrates well with office buildings and the pilot project focuses on the proposed developments at Shawfield Phase 1, known as Magenta Business Park.

Our approach seeks to positively achieve carbon reductions in the drive to Net Zero, improve climate resilience and supports our designation as a Green Regeneration Innovation District (GRID).

5th generation heating and cooling (5GDHC), is a highly optimised, demand-driven, self-regulating, energy management system for urban areas. In this ultra-low temperature grid with decentralized energy plants, a closed thermal energy loop ensures hot and cold exchange within and among buildings.

Further Information

Core Principles of 5GDHC
5GDHC: 'Low-Exergy' Vision

Clyde Gateway is seeking to develop a business case for a demonstrator project to use heat from the treated effluent at Dalmarnock Waste Water Treatment Works through an ambient loop to serve heat pumps at our existing and new buildings to increase the amount of renewable energy used to provide heating and cooling at affordable levels with the potential to roll out the technology to support Government targets to achieve net zero by 2045.

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