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Clyde Gateway, over the past 12 weeks, has been running a campaign, through our social media accounts, to highlight and celebrate some of the key achievements of our first decade of activity.

Much of the campaign focussed on the highly noticeable physical transformation, both in terms of the scale and the quality, with reference being made to the many new offices, factories, commercial developments and community facilities that have changed the look and feel of the area. The final week of the campaign has homed in on the people side of our regeneration efforts with local residents and community activists offering their views on how things have changed for the better, and a number of our own staff talking of their pride in being involved in Scotland’s biggest, ambitious and successful regeneration programme.

Lisa Miller, the Business Events Manager at Clyde Gateway, has managed the campaign and is delighted with the buzz and positivity that has been generated.

“The tweets have demonstrated just how much has been achieved over the past ten years and at the same time have provided a timely reminder of the extent of Clyde Gateway’s involvement with so many positive and good things. It is often all too easy, once a building such as the Olympia or a new asset such as Cuningar Loop Woodland Park becomes embedded in everyday life within a community, to forget how much hard work and effort goes into bringing about such change.

“It has been very pleasing throughout the campaign to be on the receiving end of supportive comments and praise from local residents and those from further afield.

“The campaign ends today on a positive note with some thoughts on what lies ahead over the next ten years and the message that everyone involved will be unstinting in their efforts to deliver further projects, programmes and developments so that we can complete the task in hand over the next ten years.”

The various stories highlighted over the past 12 weeks can be viewed at

Published Date: 28th November 2018
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