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Starting today, and running over the next 12 weeks, Clyde Gateway will be using its social media accounts to highlight and celebrate some of the key achievements over the first ten years of our existence.

The main focus will be through Twitter with it providing short summaries of stories around the physical, social and economic regeneration success stories and at the same time providing a link to where further details can be found on our main website.

Lisa Miller, the Business Events Manager at Clyde Gateway will be managing the social media campaign which aims to be of relevance and interest to those residents and businesses who have been part of the story over the past decade as well as those from further afield who are keen to hear and learn more.

“For the past 10 years, Clyde Gateway has been transforming the image, perception and fortunes of communities across a large part of the east end of Glasgow and Rutherglen and there is much to celebrate” said Lisa. “We are Scotland’s biggest and most ambitious regeneration programme with our efforts being backed by incredibly supportive partners at Glasgow City Council, South Lanarkshire Council and Scottish Enterprise and not forgetting the continued direct financial backing provided by the Scottish Government.”

“We are proud of the close links we have established with local residents and the many businesses who have their home in our communities and it is they who have been encouraging us to draw attention to our many achievements to let everyone know just how much has changed and how our work has had such a big impact on people’s lives.”

“We are going to do this over the next 12 weeks, and the tweets will cover a very diverse range of subject matters from the remediation of derelict land, the creation of new jobs, the opportunities offered to local pupils to the building of fantastic new community facilities, with many of the stories illustrated by real life case studies.”

Published Date: 10th September 2018
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