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Highlights of the first decade of activity within Clyde Gateway have been captured in a newly published 48-page booklet.

Ian Manson, the Chief Executive at Clyde Gateway said: “Our annual reports have been key in providing everyone with a snapshot of progress, always incorporating examples of the projects and activities which are delivering a highly successful and effective regeneration programme.

“Local residents have been increasingly supportive of our work and efforts, and it was their idea to pull together a one-off booklet to recall and reflect on the extent of the physical, social and economic changes that have been enjoyed throughout our communities in the east end of the city and in neighbouring Rutherglen.

“The examples highlighted go from our efforts to provide six school-leavers with apprenticeship opportunities back in September 2008 through to the announcement by the First Minister, in May 2018, of continued government backing and financial support for our activities over at least the term of this Parliament. Key milestones, such as the opening of new offices, factories and community facilities are recalled in words and pictures, as too is the memorable period when the 2014 Commonwealth Games brought a great vibrancy to the area and provided an incredible platform for much of what was happened since or is currently in the pipeline.”

’10 Years of Clyde Gateway’ which also incorporates the 2017/18 Annual Report, Key Performance Indicators and Accounts, is available in print and digital format, from the Clyde Gateway offices and website. It can be downloaded by clicking here; it is also available on request by e-mail : or by calling 0141 276 1573.

Published Date: 1st October 2018
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