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The annual Gala Day at the Bridgeton Community Learning Campus, being held on Thursday 9 August, is set to mark the 10th Anniversary of Clyde Gateway.

Lesley Ward, the Learning and Operations Co-ordinator at the Campus said: “Our Gala Day is always one of the highlights in our busy calendar and it seemed natural to use it to mark the fact that Clyde Gateway has been part of the community for 10 years.

“Thanks to a financial contribution from them, we have been able to make this year’s event bigger and better than before, with more free attractions on offer to everyone of all ages, but especially the young people at whom the Gala Day is particularly aimed at. It promises to be another great day and all we need to make it perfect is for the weather to stay nice.”

The festivities get underway at 11am and will run until 3pm. It is a free event and everyone is welcome to come along.

Published Date: 8th August 2018
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