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Deep End GP –
Embedded Money Advice

There is increased recognition that embedding specialist money advice services in General Practice offers new ways to address some of today’s major public health challenges.

Clyde Gateway and partners have supported the Deep End Money Advice Project in 18 GP practices which have been addressing some of these key challenges by putting more money in people’s pockets, lessening the burden of household debt and encouraging people to access other support services to improve their wellbeing and quality of life.

This latest study shows that in 2017/18, the project achieved £1.5 million in financial gains and managed £470,000 of debt, in effect generating £25 for every £1 invested in the project.

People entitled to disability-related benefits have benefited the most from this project which is important as disabled people and their families continue to be among those hardest hit by welfare reform.

Other reported benefits include the GP practice being seen as a trusted and stigma free environment where people can be open about discussing their money worries. Some GPs believe that having access to on-site advice services eases their workload and reduces GP appointments for welfare- related concerns, thus saving time.

Money advisors know that accessing medical evidence, after obtaining consent, empowers them to prepare high quality advice interventions to ensure that vulnerable people do not have to spend unnecessary, and at times stressful, amounts of time in the appeals system, thus reducing anxiety levels.