The Community


Seeking to improve health is a task for almost everyone and Clyde Gateway has worked in collaboration with major local and national organisations since 2017 on Population Health Joint Working (PHJW).

Its relevance has unfortunately increased as we consider the uneven impact of the pandemic and emerging analysis showing the disproportionate death rate in areas of multiple deprivation.

The basic premise of the PHJW place-based intervention is that, whilst excellent current services and improvements are in place for local provision in health, community support, jobs, housing, education and the environment, which will secure health improvements over the long term, the health position self-evidently remains unacceptable and we therefore wish to identify what more can be done now by our organisation harnessing the benefits of place and with the power of an engaged community.

Successful interventions in cancer screening, jobs for local people in health and money advice in GP Practices, demonstrate that much more can be done.

The PHJW model of long-term commitment, early demonstrations that change is possible, adoption of clear outcomes, and drawing together a comprehensive range of collaborators, has shown to be capable of securing progress that is not only replicable but a practical response to the current pandemic.