The Community

Loves Local

In December 2020, Clyde Gateway secured funding from the Scottish Government through their ‘Scotland Loves Local’ campaign, which aims to support small-scale improvements to enhance places while helping motivate people to shop, eat and relax in their community while also promoting places and ensuring public safety.

Scotland Loves Local supports initiatives in cities and towns across the country. The funding will be used to encourage local residents to shop, eat, exercise and relax in their community while also promoting local places to visit and enjoy.

The funding will also bring the ‘20-minute neighbourhood’ ambition across the two towns to life through the established and well supported ‘Love Local’ marketing campaign. The aim is to connect residents and local businesses to each other and a place where everyone can thrive without having to use a car.

‘Love Local’ aims to demonstrate to local residents that it is easy and accessible to meet most of their everyday needs within a convenient and pleasant 20-minute return walk.

There are huge benefits from adopting the ‘20-minute neighbourhood’ approach - people become more active, their mental and physical health improves; traffic reduces, air quality improves; local shops and businesses thrive; and people see more of their neighbours, which strengthens community bonds.