9 October, 2020

Making Our Move from West to East Was a Step in the Right Direction

Construction work to build the new headquarters for the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) continues at pace and we expect work to be completed by the end of the year.


Our new building, which is being delivered by Clyde Gateway, lies in the heart of the east end of Glasgow and it’s a move that has seen us swap 30 years of being based in the west-end of Glasgow for a brand new start in the east-end. It was important that we carried out an extensive search to find a new office space and location that would best suit the needs of the organisation and our employees for the next thirty years.  Luckily, it was an easy decision to make with the proposal from Clyde Gateway to provide a state-of-the-art new premises on Landressy Street in Glasgow’s east end.


The new STUC headquarters will offer 6,500 square feet of contemporary space, incorporating a conference and meeting spaces that we hope will bring visitors and members to the Bridgeton area on a regular basis. The east end of the city has undergone an incredible transformation and is packed with benefits for living and working in the area.


As well as providing the best fit for our long-term requirements, it also offered the STUC a unique opportunity to make a contribution to this a world-class regeneration effort.






To prepare for the move, we moved employees from our old home in Glasgow’s Woodlands Road, to the impressive Red Tree Rutherglen building in Clyde Gateway, ahead of the completion of our new premises.  This allowed our staff to get used to their new journey and new location in the east end of the city and we received plenty of positive comments from our employees who spent time at Red Tree Rutherglen, including positive comments about the location at Clyde Gateway. Bright, modern and an easily accessible featured highly in our staff’s feedback during their time at Red Tree Rutherglen. Staff have enjoyed the plentiful amount of natural light right across the office space, how secure and safe the building felt and how everyone, from management to cleaning staff made them feel so welcome.


Working in an open plan environment helped build new relationships within the STUC and that is something we are keen to continue when we move to Landressy Street. The flexible space allowed us to start with a blank canvas and create a workplace that is ideally suited our needs. The journey into the east end has been straightforward for all involved, with lots of different options into the office, from motorway to public transport. There is also the benefit of having so many shops on the doorstep and having Overton Park so close for a walk at lunchtime, which is essential for staff members mental health and well-being.





With everything happening in the business world following the pandemic, it’s now becoming more and more common for companies to work remotely and at home, however we are looking forward to eventually bringing everyone back together again under the same roof at Landressy Street. We know that in our new modern office space, we will have a team that is strong and will benefit from being based in this fantastic new space. We still think it is important to have people working in the same space, despite the digital nature and remote working options now available and we are all delighted to call Clyde Gateway our new home.